Fr. Patrick Lenten Message 2018

As we walk together through this season of Lent, I would like for us to call to mind what Lent really means to us. In his message for the Lenten season 2018, Pope Francis urged people to renew their enthusiasm for the faith, using this season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving as an opportunity to stoke the flame of charity in their heart.

Above all, I urge the members of the Church to take up the Lenten journey with enthusiasm, sustained by almsgiving, fasting and prayer,” the Pope said in his message, published Feb. 6.

Lent is the time of spiritual preparation prior to the Easter season, just as Advent is for Christmas. Jesus taught us clearly that there is no resurrection without the Cross.

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday (this year February 14th, 2018) and ends on Holy Thursday (this year March 29th, 2018). On the evening of Holy Thursday, the Sacred Triduum begins.

The 40 days of Lent correspond to the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness to fast, pray, and endure the temptations of the devil, all in preparation for his public ministry which would culminate in his death on the cross.

Each year, Lent offers us a providential opportunity to deepen the meaning and value of our Christian lives, and it stimulates us to rediscover the mercy of God so that we, in turn, become more merciful toward our brothers and sisters. In the Lenten period, the Church makes it her duty to propose some specific tasks that accompany the faithful concretely in this process of interior renewal: these are prayer, fasting.

FAST:  Eating less food than normal (does not necessarily mean no food).

What you can eat: One normal, full-sized meal, and two smaller meals which if combined would not exceed one full meal.

Why: “Denying material food, which nourishes our body, nurtures an interior disposition to listen to Christ and be fed by His saving word. Through fasting and praying, we allow Him to come and satisfy the deepest hunger that we experience in the depths of our being: the hunger and thirst for God.”

ABSTINENCE: Do not eat meat.

What you can eat: fish and seafood

Why: “Catholic peoples from time immemorial have set apart Friday for special penitential observance by which they gladly suffer with Christ that they may one day be glorified with Him. This is the heart of the tradition of abstinence from meat on Friday where that tradition has been observed in the holy Catholic Church.” –USCCB

ALMSGIVING:  Material generosity to the less fortunate.

What you can give: money, goods, acts of charity

Why: Almsgiving “represents a specific way to assist those in need and, at the same time, an exercise in self-denial to free us from attachment to worldly goods . . .  Almsgiving helps us to overcome this constant temptation, teaching us to respond to our neighbor’s needs and to share with others whatever we possess through divine goodness.”  –Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Lent 2018 at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish

Ash Wednesday: Marks the start of Lent and the time for penance. Obligatory day of fasting (ages 18 to 59) and abstinence (ages 14 & over).

Fridays of Lent:  Obligatory abstinence (ages 14 & over). All Fridays are days of penance. No meat is to be eaten on Fridays of Lent. I would like to take this opportunity of inviting you to join us every Friday of Lent for our famous “Fish Fry” from 5-7pm. Stations of the Cross will take place in the church each Friday at 7pm.

Holy Thursday: Lent ends and the Holy Triduum begins in the evening with the commemoration of the Institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper at 7pm.

Good Friday: The anniversary of the Crucifixion of Christ (no Mass). Obligatory day of fasting (ages 18 to 59) and abstinence (ages 14 & over). Stations and Veneration of the Cross at 3pm and the Passion and Veneration of the Cross at 7pm.

Holy Saturday:  Christ is in the grave conquering death and freeing the captives. Final day of Lenten fasting. Our Easter Vigil begins at 8pm.

Sacred Triduum: The period of 3 days (Holy Thursday + Good Friday + Holy Saturday) during which we remember Christ’s Passion, ending at the Easter Vigil (Saturday evening).

Easter Sunday:  Lent has ended and the joy begins, the day of Christ’s resurrection, the principle Christian feast of the entire liturgical year. This is the celebration of Christ’s victory over sin and death merited for us by his passion, death, and resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday. Masses are as usual 8am, 10am & 6pm.

Consider making the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) an important part of your Lenten penitential practice. Many parishes have special times for confession during Lent. We will have a Penance Service with several priests available to celebrate the sacrament of confession on Wednesday, March 21st at 7pm. This is a great way to prepare ourselves for the celebration of Easter.

Pope Francis reminds us that “Lent summons us, and enables us, to come back to the Lord wholeheartedly and in every aspect of our life.” I pray that God will bless all of us here in Ingleside as we journey together through this Holy Season of Lent.

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February 23, 2018




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