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ATTENDING MASS IN PERSON BEGINNING MAY 9-10, 2020: The Diocese of Corpus Christi has released notice that public Mass may resume beginning Mother's Day weekend, May 9-10, 2020. Masses will be held at the usual times (posted on the home page of this website), and we must follow specific guidance from the Diocese to ensure the safest possible environment for all to worship at Mass. This guidance includes a limit of 25% capacity and social distancing while seated during Mass (our parish is designed well for this purpose, and we anticipate being easily able to meet these guidelines). Additionally, all of the faithful who are at risk because of an underlying health issue, or who are over 65 years of age are strongly encouraged, for their own health, to avoid the risk of attending public celebrations of the Mass. We ask these faithful people to continue celebrating Mass virtually at home, on TV or online.

We ask that everyone planning to attend Mass in person please review the following guidance from the Diocese prior to arrival

ATTENDING MASS VIRTUALLY: Due to the ongoing COVID- 19 Health Emergency, some individuals (as referenced above) may be encouraged to attend Mass by wathcing on TV or online. Mass from the Corpus Christi Cathedral is being televised at 9.30 a.m. each Sunday. Coverage is available on KDF-TV. You may also tune into the Mass on KLUX. 

PARISH ACTIVITIES SUSPENDED: The following parish events and activities have been cancelled, or suspended, until further notice: Tuesday Bingo, Food Pantry, Adult Faith Formation Classes and Catehism/CCE. Due to the COVID-19 Health Emergency, Fr. Patrick's pilgrimage to the Shrine of Italy and Medjugorje (formerly scheduled for June 22, 2020 to July 3, 2020) has been postponed. We will reschedule when it is safe to do so. 

ADORATION CHAPEL: Our Adoration Chapel will remain open for Adoration and Prayer (must use hand sanitizer, be 6 feet away from the next person & no more then 4 people in the Chapel at any one time). Thank you for your understanding and support as we respond to the COVID-19 crisis in our community and as a parish family.


Bishop Michael Mulvey continues to release information and guidance regarding COVID-19 for all parishes and families in the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

Please CLICK HERE to view the latest information from Bishop Mulvey.


April 9, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

The Lord is always with us and we should not doubt that he is with us now in this time of unprecedented disruption in our lives. It may be difficult to feel confidence because of our separation from each other and because we cannot gather to celebrate the Eucharist, especially during Easter. However, our Faith keeps us united to the Lord and to one another.

I do miss seeing you! I miss seeing families coming to Mass together and the joyful sound of the congregation singing hymns to the Lord. I miss seeing the happy faces of our children in the classrooms and in church. Although I know that this tribulation will eventually pass, we cannot deny our present distress.

Of course, we should also remember that God is bringing about good even when we don’t yet perceive it. Being quarantined may mean spending more time with family members. Having children, high school youth and college students all together as well as spouses working from home may be a challenge, but it can also be fun. It could lead to new understanding and patience. A friend of mine received a message from her cousin in Ireland saying that since her family is confined together, “sometimes we fight but we get over it and we are learning to appreciate each other more.”

We can’t forget those who are isolated at home by themselves. Missing the usual contacts and routines of daily life, many find this isolation particularly difficult. Our elderly parishioners are even more vulnerable. As a parish family we want to care for them and others. At the beginning of Holy Week, I took the telephone up and called many of our parishioners just to see how they were doing and that we haven’t forgotten them. So do continue to check on your friends and neighbors.

Coming through a crisis together will strengthen all of us. As we reach out to others, offering words of encouragement and acts of kindness, God’s Love shines in us. When it comes to Christian fellowship, it is true that “absence makes the heart grow stronger.” When we are together again, may we all appreciate each other more and never take the gifts we have received for granted. I pray that you and your loved ones have a blessed Easter! I will pray for you all in my Easter Sunday Mass.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Patrick Higgins







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Volunteers and Employees at Our Lady of the Assumption are asked to watch the Defensive Driving Video the CMG link below as part of the requirements to volunteer or work in this parish.  There are other videos available that may pertain to the type of volunteer work or employment you may be interested in.  These training videos do not expire.




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