Easter Blessings!

Dear Parishioners,

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Happy Easter! I want to extend wishes of a beautiful and happy Easter to all parishioners, staff, volunteers and visitors who have gathered here at Our Lady of the Assumption to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I especially extend a warm welcome to anyone who is visiting with us from other places or faith backgrounds. As we gather today on the holy ground of our parish, we celebrate the beautiful gift of life that God has blessed each of us with. If you are with us today but do not worship with our community on a regular basis, I welcome you home to the Catholic Church. We are here to serve you and to guide you in the journey of the beauty of our faith.

During the Easter Season we focus on celebrations of the Sacraments of Initiation. At our Vigil Mass we welcomed new Catholics into our Parish Family. In a few weeks’ time, on May 5th, we will be celebrating First Eucharist with the children of our parish. On May 16th our very first men’s ACTS retreat takes place followed by the first ever women’s ACTS retreat on September 26th. These are beautiful moments in the history of our parish community. 

Like many of you I am frustrated with the time it is taking for repair work to begin on our church buildings. In recent weeks there has been encouraging signs of movement. All the paperwork has been submitted to the various offices involved in processing our claim. We are waiting for the final go ahead to be given to us, then the major repair work so badly needed can begin. I appreciate once again your patience with this process.

I pray that you and your loved ones have a blessed Easter! I will pray for you all in my Easter Sunday Masses. Please remember me in yours.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Patrick Higgins





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Volunteers and Employees at Our Lady of the Assumption are asked to watch the Defensive Driving Video the CMG link below as part of the requirements to volunteer or work in this parish.  There are other videos available that may pertain to the type of volunteer work or employment you may be interested in.  These training videos do not expire.




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